Animal Friend Badge

Earn your animal friend badge by taking care of your pets at home.

1.Learn how to care for an animal.

Find out what the animal needs. Learn about its food, habitat, space, exercise and sleeping area.

You could look up information online, or ask your family.  Do other members of your family have other types of pets?  You could video call with them to find out more.  Write down what you find out.

2. Help to take care of that animal for four weeks.

Ask your parents how you can take care of your pet(s).  Make a chart and record that you have done the chores every time they need doing for four weeks

3. Keep a note of how you have looked after the animal for four weeks.

You can draw, take photographs or write short sentences.
Take a photo of your pet and keep a log of what you’ve done.

4. Tell others in your Colony or Lodge about the animal.

You could make a video to show other beavers what you’ve done, send in some photos to put on the website, or make a presentation or story

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