Esher District Beavers zoom event – Hope Drawings

20 Dittons Beavers joined another 100 of their peers from other Colonies across Esher District on Saturday 18th April, to participate in the inaugural Zoom online event for Beavers.

The event was organised by Andrew Burns (Assistant District Commissioner), with help from Debbie Bowles (ADC for Beavers) and John Baldwin (District Training Manager). Managing 120 enthusiastic Beavers online proved to be challenging but the host’s mute button ensured some order to the proceedings.

After a virtual raising of the flag and renewal of the Beaver Promise by all participants, the Beavers enjoyed a scavenger hunt, a craft activity (drawing pictures to show support for the NHS), a sing-along with actions and a game of ‘Owl says’ (a variable of ‘Simon says’, necker challenge and scavenger hunt.

The event was enjoyed by everybody and huge thanks are due to Andrew Burns and his team.  It proved to be a great success and a useful template for the online Zoom meetings that have been planned for our own Beaver Colonies, commencing on 22nd April.

A selection of our Beavers’ drawings produced at the party will be included on this site and also forwarded to District for inclusion in a montage of pictures that will be given to Kingston Hospital.

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